Meet the Team

The AZ Men's Health and Wellness Expo is produced by the Sphinx Educational Fund, the 501(c)(3) philanthropic arm
of the Delta Tau Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Myron J. Douglass, MPA


I have been in the banking and finance industry for 22 years and am a native of Arizona. I am a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Master of Public Administration. In addition, I have volunteered and supported many community programs and organizations around the valley for many years which in turn, increased my desire and efforts to help others.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

Why am I passionate about Men's Health? As my level of support and interest within the community had increased, this led me to work on the Arizona Men’s Health & Wellness Expo initiative. There is a need to educate men starting at the age of 15 and older about their responsibilities of their health. Making men aware of illnesses and diseases that can affect their families and their lives is critical in developing a healthier culture in our country. As Co-Chairman, for the past 4 years, we are becoming a resource for men that are seeking expert advice, current medical information and a communication platform where men can express their level of concerns with supported health organizations within the valley.

Andre R. Watkins, MPH

Co-Chairman / Mayo Clinic Liaison

Mr. André Watkins is an accomplished leader in the field of clinical research, health care operations, and regulatory affairs. What sets him apart from his peers is that he is a dynamic advocate of humanity in leveraging science and technology in improving health outcomes for diverse populations and communities. As a researcher, his career was defined by a track record of distinction and achievements in clinical research and public health initiatives related to cancer and blood-borne disease. Mr Watkins attended the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign and the St. Louis University School of Public Health where he completed his graduate studies. He joined Mayo Clinic in Arizona in 2006. Since that time, Mr. Watkins has provided leadership for research operations impacting Surgical, Anesthesia, Cardio-Vascular Pulmonary, Critical Care, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Allergy, and Infectious Disease Specialties as part of a $22 Million research enterprise. With over two decades of research experience under his belt, Mr. Watkins’ current role involves managing clinical research operations for Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has worked with the Arizona Men’s Health & Wellness Expo since its inception and has served as the Steering Chair & Mayo Clinic liaison since 2013.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

As a clinical researcher, I focus on the determinants and distribution of disease and how we can best leverage advances in science and technology to improve health. From this perspective Men's Health is too often overlooked as a priority particularly as it relates to prostate cancer awareness.

Throughout my career I have encountered countless male patients whose lives were being impacted by unexpected illnesses. For many of these patients, a lack of knowledge along the spectrum of prevention, treatment, and post-treatment care can be a substantial obstacle in achieving good health. The AZ Men's Health & Wellness Expo is a bold step forward in overcoming knowledge barriers. I am proud to support the collaboration between Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Sphinx Educational Fund and Mayo Clinic in empowering men throughout the Valley in taking a proactive role in achieving and sustaining optimal health.

Jayson Adams, MS, EMBA

Military Liaison

Currently impacting lives of pet parents at Pet Smart as a Financial Planner; former Space and Defense Manufacturing Professional and former Army Captain originally from Buffalo, NY and now resides in the valley for the past 4 years. 

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

At the ages of 7 and 16, I lost two important father figures in my life to prostate and colon cancer. Before the medical advances we have today, one case was DETECTED TOO LATE. While the other individual allowed his pride to not acquire the treatment needed when first detected. In both cases, proper support and education would have prolonged their lives. I want to assist in eliminating the negative perceptions that men have towards their health.

Erica Luna, MA

Program Coordinator

I have lived in the Phoenix Metropolitan area for nearly 20 years and am part of a strong military family. I have over 15 years of experience in banking and academic counseling where I have utilized my developed skills in my current position in real estate. Currently, I dedicate my time to my family and a few organizations with the inclusion of Arizona Men’s Health and Wellness.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

As the old saying goes, "One cannot judge a book by it's cover." I have a father, a brother, and husband whom would appear at first glance healthy; however, each being diagnosed at an adult age of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Being a mother and knowing that genetics can and will play a significant role in my son's life, every family member needs to be involved in overall health awareness. I feel that learning the basic knowledge of preventative care and being informed on a frequent basis can have a powerful impact in an individual's life.

S. Raven Wells

Program Coordinator

I have been in the mortgage industry for over 6 years working to make homeownership a reality for many. During my spare time, I have worked with many non-profit organizations across the country from feeding the homeless to women health awareness programs.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

As the matriarch of my family I’ve taken on the responsibility of taking care of multiple elders and relatives throughout my lifetime. For many years, my paternal side of the family has been set back due to neglect of health warning signs and lack of adequate health care coverage. With this being said, the majority of the males in my family died prior to age 65, leaving my father as the only living male survivor of 8 males. In 2010, my father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer leaving me to again become caretaker. After his successful cancer treatment and surgery, I felt obligated to take on more of a preventive role because I knew he wouldn’t. I teamed up with the AZ Men’s Health and Wellness Expo to help educate my father and other men like my father on the benefits of being actively involved in their well being. With proper education I know that the lives of the men in my family could have been extended and look forward to seeing more men take on more active roles when it pertains to their health.

Tremaine Jasper, MBA

Marketing Coordinator

I have worked for a variety of newspapers and online media organizations including, Tribune Newspapers, Arizona Informant and I served as the Marketing and Communication Specialist (Webmaster, spokesperson) for the Arizona Humane Society for several years and I thoroughly enjoyed that experience! Currently, I am the owner/editor of

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

Sadly, I have lost numerous relatives and friends to various forms of cancer. In many of those cases, I believe that those illnesses could have been prevented or managed more effective if my loved ones were more proactive about educating themselves about their health and wellness. I am thrilled to support this Arizona Men's Health &Wellness Expo initiative because it is an awesome opportunity for men and women in the state of Arizona to take charge of their lives.

Virginia Calleros, BS

Program Accountant

I am a Regulatory Compliance Quality Specialist at PayPal in Chandler, AZ. I have over 20 years of professional work experience in banking and finance while working and earning a B.S. Degree in Financial Management from ASU W. P. Carey School of Global Business Management and Leadership. I am a Arizona native who enjoys our warm winter season hiking trails around the valley with my other half and our two children.

Why are you passionate about Men's Health?

My passion for men's health awareness grew a few years ago after two of my uncles passed away (both in their mid-fifties). I recall my grandfather also passed away around the same age at 56 years old, from diabetes related complications. I said to myself, "This cannot be the fate of my son.” I started thinking about all the other men in our family, friends, neighbors, and in our community who needs awareness about their health before IT”S TOO LATE. I have been a volunteer for the AZ Men’s Health & Wellness Expo since 2014 and enjoy giving back to the community to help bring awareness. 

Marlos Hill, M.Ed

Social Media Coordinator

I am Director of Hill Creative Brands, a multipurpose Entertainment and Creative small business in Phoenix, Arizona. I am also an Infrastructure Engineer at American Express. I have more than 15 years of experience in Web Management, Creative Design and Brand Strategy. I currently hold a Master of Education in Human Relations. I have managed, organized and directed many websites of varying genres and purposes along with creating and hosting various music community events.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

A year ago, I lost my father to a combination of prostate cancer and high blood pressure. I watched my dad for years avoid seeing a doctor, minimize his ailments and pains and try to tough out the problems he was experiencing. Having sons of my own, I felt it was important to take control of my health and look for opportunities to improve the health conditions of others by improving communication. Health is the one part of our busy lives that we hold almost complete control. It is always a great time to make your life better.

Dr. Jason Callaman

Clinical Liaison

I am a native of Baltimore, Maryland. While at Howard University, I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology and Neuro Psychology respectively. After several years in public health research as a statistician, I decided on a career change. Combining my professional interests and my previous academic endeavors, I found physical therapy to be a good fit. I then earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Throughout my PT career, I have worked in several rehab settings and I now serve as the Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation and clinical physical therapist at a facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

Over the past three years, I have been actively involved with the AZ Men’s Health and Wellness Expo initiative. This experience, along with my clinical practice, has made me realize that rehabilitation is a “whole body” process. My participation in the Expo has sparked a particular interest in identifying ways that community education and prevention strategies can be promoted as mechanisms of integrated health and wellness.

The AZ Men’s Health and Wellness Expo is important to me because it provides a common stage for our community to present, learn, and become educated regarding prevalent health issues. More importantly, it allows individuals of all walks to be part of a collective effort. This effort allows each person to feel accountable and empowered.

Cassandra Clay

Mayo Clinic Liaison

Working in Health Care over the last 35+ years, I have had the opportunity witness success and heart ache when men finally decide to take that step to find out what they need to know about their medical conditions. I have always felt that there should be a platform where men (as well as their female relations) can learn about health care in an open environment with Medical representatives that are willing to freely answer any questions without criticism. I believe that the AZ Men’s Health and Wellness Expo is just that place.

Why am I passionate about Men's Health?

I attended an Expo two years ago to support a fellow coworker. My intention was to stay a few minutes, get some information that would be useful to my son, and leave…didn’t happen. The “Expo” was so informative and engaging that I stayed for the entire day! I then decided that I want to be a part of an organization that is willing to help Men to gain knowledge about their health as well as health benefits; therefore, I volunteered to work with the upcoming Men's Expo. I want to advocate that more men have the tools necessary for better health and that they have the knowledge to know who to talk with, where to go, and what is available in the healthcare world.